Thank You

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Max found all the midis for me, including my favorite “solenza”. Thank
you so much for thinking of me.

Thank you Doug for taking the time to scale some of my huuuuuuuuge
pictures, especially when you had so much work. Also, for taking the
time to decipher my questions before answering them...*grin. I appreciate
it very much.

Wayne was nice enough to scan the family pic for me when I couldn’t get
them done anywhere else. Thank you.

A big thank you to all those who patiently answered ALL my questions. They
They weren’t always stated too clearly. heheh

The picture used for the graphics on my page is called “Trails of Starlight”.
The artist is Mimi Jobe.

Please drop me a line if you know the source of the ariel and femdrag pictures
so I can give proper credit to the artists.

I don’t know the author of the quote on the index1 page graphic if you know,
send an email and I’ll add the name.

Thank you Jack/inv225, (my dear “forever” friend),
for reminding me what real friendship looks like.

And finally, to all those who have made my "computer" life so enjoyable and
rewarding, and to all who come here...THANK YOU!